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skyscrapersBalcor Commercial is constantly searching for enterprising development opportunities in primary markets. Its sister company, Balcor Hospitality complements the retail division and works to bring projects to term with responsible tenants, whether they are third-party tenants or tenants that are part of the Balcor brand.

With a strong commitment to filling its clients’ needs, the firm searches for commercial real estate market opportunities that offer real value for its clients. For those who wish to purchase or sell property in privacy, Balcor conducts all of its services while incorporating the highest level of confidence.


Balcor recognizes that partnering with the right equity groups before a project is the most important step toward having the right business relationships. Having these relationships in place allows the firm to bring the best projects to term.

While maximizing return is a key component of a project’s development and operation, Balcor also emphasizes the importance of being responsible to the neighborhood in which a project resides. To this end, the firm seeks to foster and build strong relationships with local business communities and organizations, working with these groups to fill their neighborhoods’ specific needs.